Helix Introduction

Helix is a multi-chain automated market maker (AMM) decentralized exchange, and yield swap protocol, providing frictionless access to a variety of cross-chain DeFi products, and the yields associated with them.
With a strong emphasis on passive earning, security of funds, and yield generation through a variety of financial instruments, Helix aims to be the tier 1 exchange for the wider DeFi ecosystem, achieved through a distinct combination of innovation, high-quality defi products, and the novel SLP concept.
Helix is a multi-chain AMM, and the first platform within the Geometry DeFi ecosystem.

What is Geometry?

Geometry is a multi-chain cryptoasset ecosystem based around a network of interlinked decentralized finance protocols, with the ultimate goal of the model being to reduce financial inefficiency and the prioritization of growth factors.
The strategy behind each addition to the Geometry network is to seek out opportunities for tokenomic and functional integrations between the platforms that lead to net positive outcomes for the ecosystem as a whole.
Helix will be the founding and central node within the Geometry network and will provide other platforms within the network the ability to perform foundational DeFi operations such as swaps and mechanisms for investment growth.

Brand Values

As a team and a brand, there are certain values that dictate the way in which we work, build, and present ourselves to the community, these are the standards by which we hold ourselves and the moral compass that will continue to align us with our long-term vision.
Dependable & Trustworthy: This is essential for teams in an un-doxxed DeFi world, where actions speak louder than words, and reputation is all.
Transparency: Transparency is key when building a decentralized community and we've made it our number 1 mission to keep the updates coming, so the community remains informed on all project-related matters.
Community Focused: No DeFi platform will thrive without the support of a solid base, we understand this, and have taken steps to integrate the community into our decision-making process and planning, as much as possible.
Remain cutting edge, and innovative: DeFi is a fast-evolving landscape of highly competitive teams and platforms, and we understand that only the strongest will survive into the future, innovation will play a key role in our success, and our ever-growing team is selected with this in mind.
Profitable, But Sustainable: DeFi 2.0 attempted to deal with the problems of mercenary liquidity, but did so through a flawed model of unsustainability, which benefited only the earliest users. As a team, we learned many valuable lessons in the chaos, and will never sacrifice the health of the project for quick, unsustainable yields.

Brand Personality


The vision for Helix and the Geometry ecosystem is simple and aims to improve the way in which participants interact with decentralized finance, making it more accessible, interoperable, and profitable for all.
Eventually, as our proprietary ecosystem concept is adopted by other platforms, we expect Helix to become the new standard for decentralized exchanges, and will continue to innovate new, unique financial products for our users.

Who Can Use Helix

As a decentralized exchange, Helix allows anybody with an internet connection and wallet to access the platform and start earning, no matter where they are in the world. There are no censorship restrictions, no KYC, and no need to deposit funds for a simple trade.
Included in our expected user groups are;
Liquidity Providers
Passive income seekers & Referrers
Speculators & Yield bears
Cross-chain users

Key Benefits Of Helix

Low Trading Fees

Helix makes it fast, cheap, and easy to swap ERC-20 tokens, all without depositing assets. Just connect, and trade. Simple! Each trade on Helix incurs a small trading fee of 0.1%, which is distributed among the pools liquidity providers.

Multi-Chain DeFi

Helix enables cross-chain DeFi for users of the platform, allowing frictionless and intuitive access to the wider DeFi ecosystem, and its resulting yields, through a simple to use, beginner-friendly platform.
Through Helix, DeFi participants can seamlessly switch between networks, allowing them to leverage the distinct benefits of each.

Geobot NFT Staking

Combining the traits of NFTs with those of decentralized finance led to the emergence of the Geobots, a collection of 3344 cross-chain NFTs based on the Solana blockchain, each playing a vital role in the Geometry ecosystem by allowing us to reward our early adopters with passive yield from the holder-only pool, available at mainnet launch.
As a cross-chain collection, the Geobots utilize the Nexus NFT bridge to make their journey from Solana to Ethereum, and later, other networks.

Yield & LP Swaps

LP & yield swaps are unique to the Helix.Finance platform, and introduce users of DeFi to new financial products, allowing speculators and yield bulls with more ways to generate wealth, and new profit opportunities, and providing yield bears with the mechanisms to de-risk, and hedge against possible APR drops.
By supplying the functionality and mechanism for yield swaps, Helix makes it possible for users to engage in PvP trading of these future yields, and their underlying assets.

Sustainable Passive Income

Whether it's in the holder-only Geobot pools, single-asset staking, or providing liquidity to a trading pair, there are a tonne of ways to earn passive income from deposited crypto on Helix, and, if you don't have any assets to deposit, you can quickly start earning with the platform referral program. The more they use Helix, the more you earn... Simple!

Lock-Up & Earn

Looking for a longer-term hold? Helix Vaults provide fixed-term single asset staking with boosted yields, the longer you stake, the higher your multiplier.
Helix vaults range in lockup periods from 3-24 months.

Fully Audited & Secure

In accordance with our dedication to the security of deposited funds, Helix has been fully audited by Extropy before deployment and will be re-audited as new features are added to the platform. In addition to this, we aim to work closely with leading security, and auditing houses, to continue fortifying the platform and ecosystem.
In addition to the broad range of features available from launch, Helix will be continually improved upon with further products for users of the platform. More information on the short-term roadmap for Helix & Geometry can be found in the following section.
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